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Enabling personalized 
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Health & Nutrition goals

Taste preferences


Foodbud is a machine learning based food recommendation platform that provides its users personalized food recommendations based on their food allergies, dietary and taste preferences. It helps them navigate safe and nutritious food options by simplifying ingredient analysis.


We are building a personal food concierge that understands your needs to supplement your decision-making whether you go out to eat in a restaurant, do grocery shopping or make your own recipes at home.


Our state-of-the-art ingredients data lake allows responsible food businesses to be one step ahead of the food regulations and enable transparency & traceability of ingredients to the end consumers.

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Our AI matches the Food businesses to the right customers. So, you not only serve more but also serve the right set of customers, who are more likely to be 100% satisfied with your services. The AI enhances even the slightest differentiating factor of your food business and automatically promotes it to the relevant audience. Claim your business listing for free and leave the rest to our AI.

One App for all your food recommendations 

Download our Restaurant and Food discovery app today and find the most suitable restaurant around you. The one that caters to all your dietary and taste preferences.

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