Thank you for your interest in our idea! As we begin to develop an intelligent and personalized food recommendation system, we would need your help, especially if you are one of the following: 


If you are an Investor, we would love to chat with you, discuss our business plan and explore any opportunity of mutual interest

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Friends of Foodbud

As a patron, you acknowledge our innovation and support us through this journey. We may need your advice and feedback based on your expertise and we will keep you informed about our progress

Supportive Friend

If you're an industry expert or have previously helped startups achieve their full potential, we would be interested in having you on board as our advisor and leverage your wealth of experience.

Guitar Lessons

We believe our business to be a team sport and if you can bring relevant skillset, we would be happy to chat with you. We are currently looking for the following skills:

  • AI/ML

  • Food and Nutrition

  • Food Allergy

  • Communication 

  • Business development

Team work