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Enterprise products

Foodbud offers food businesses like restaurants, ingredients manufacturers and recipe providers to digitize their ingredient information and to facilitate transparency about quality, safety and nutritional aspect of their products to the end consumers. In addition, our unique machine learning capabilities enable the food businesses to reach out to and connect with their target market more effectively.

Restaurants, Cafes & Pubs

Help your customers decide the best menu item for them based on their dietary and taste preferences by enabling access to the quality ingredients in your dishes.

Recipe makers

Expand the outreach of your recipe, based on its ingredients and methodology and enable the target audience to discover and subscribe to your creativity.

Health & Nutritional platforms

Use our APIs to know more about your users and provide them with relevant diet recommendations and health plans

Food & Ingredients manufacturers

Enable access to nutritional information and product origin among other information and empower your customer to choose your product.

Grocery stores

Equip your customers with a digital concierge to help them choose food products based on their taste and dietary preferences.

Food delivery platforms

Enable your customers with a tool for fast discovery of dishes they would enjoy.

How it works ?

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